V-Band aluminum 2,5″ – Axially movement

70.0 ex. vat

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These V-bands can move axially. Enlarge sample images 2 and 3 to see how they can move.

This means that the V-band can move along with the engine or other moving parts attached. These V-band kits can replace silicone hose and are recommended for those who want the best

V-band to get a nice and secure joint for aluminum tubes. Examples of applications include pressure pipe, compressor housing on turbocharger, intercooler and throttle bodie to name a few.

The V-band kit consists of a clamp and two welding flanges. Each welding flange has one integrated o-ring that form a tight joint when mounted with the clamping ring. The clamp is assembled with one stainless steel sprint. The quick disassemble sprint has a “quick-release” function. You press the sprint lock pin and just pull it out to split the v-band clamp. This clip is easy to disassemble when service is needed.

Width min:51mm
Width max: 58mm

– The clamp is hard anodized, making it extremely resistant to external impact.
– Very good weldability.
– Perfect fit.
– Sprint with “quick release”

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